Urban and municipal consulting.

Tailor-made workshops

Presentation of short analyses

  • Information on status quo, opportunities and risks as well as market development trends
  • Future potential for inner city and town centre revitalisation
  • Recommendations for action based on trends for town and city centres

Definition of vision and goals

  • Joint development of the vision and objectives
  • Development of a positioning strategy

Impulse presentations on trends and forecasts

  • Trends in consumer behaviour and in real estate and retail markets
  • Presentation of best practices
  • Definition of future potentials for inner city and town centre revitalisation
  • Presentation of different scenarios in the planning, use and revitalisation of city centres and communities
  • Preparation of holistic market reports on market developments and trends in city centres and communities

Moderated discussions with reference groups

  • Bringing together decision-makers from politics, administration, the retail and real estate sectors as well as the general public
  • Discussion of trends and forecasts as well as joint decision-making through mindful moderation

Status quo and potential analysis

Brief analysis of the city centre/municipality

  • Validated data and methods for assessing status quo, opportunities and risks
  • Local population and target groups and their development trends

Potential for city and village centre revitalisation

  • Knowledge advantage about future market developments, trends and forecasts
  • Determination of top potentials

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

  • Elaboration of future opportunities and forward-looking minimisation of risks
  • Information on suitable European benchmarks

Concrete recommendations for action

  • Summary of the available facts
  • Elaboration of initial recommendations for action

Development of strategy and measures

Market and target group analysis

  • Holistic evaluation of the location conditions on the basis of valid data
  • Recommendations for action, based on facts and proven future forecasts

Retail structure analyses

  • Validated data and methods as a basis for potential and risk assessments
  • Retail and centre concepts as well as ongoing frequency analyses as a basis for planning

Spatial impact assessments

  • Status quo of current conditions in the city centre and municipality
  • Analysis of the current and future retail structure and purchasing power flows
  • Examination of the spatial compatibility of retail and real estate projects
  • Basis for individual location ordinances and zoning issues

Rating and benchmarking

  • Determination of a quality or performance comparison
  • Presentation of suitable European benchmarks

Criteria catalogue & lead projects

  • Creation of a catalogue of criteria and derivation of concrete recommendations for action
  • In-depth feasibility analysis, prioritisation, project, budget and time planning
  • Evaluation and adaptation of the implemented measures
  • Joint summary of experiences and learning effects
  • Determination of suitable lead projects and support during implementation
  • Determination of the utilisation mix and the dimensioning of different asset classes
  • Joint assessment of the degree of target achievement of individual lead projects
  • Integration of local/regional project partners and recommendation of further project partners

Strategies for vacancy reduction

  • Identification of vacancies, with definition of priorities
  • Targeted use of ground floor zones according to target group and local needs

(Re-)use concepts

  • Analysis of future demand for different uses at the location
  • Clear risk assessment and safeguarding of the ability to act through future forecasts

Participation and marketing concepts

Participation strategy for local actors

  • Involvement of local/regional enterprises and opinion leaders
  • Process support in joint decision-making

Communication and marketing concepts

  • Accompanying communication strategy for transformation processes in inner city and town centres
  • Involvement of the population, visitors, traders, service providers, project developers and investors
  • Storytelling: experiencing success stories together

Visualisation of city and town centres

  • Visually prepared city and village centres of the future
  • In cooperation with strong partner companies

Marketing and leasing support

  • Bringing together public and private decision-makers
  • Leasing support, e.g. in retail, gastronomy and services
  • Recommendations for optimal tenant structure and sector mix