Real estate and investment consulting.

Market Due Diligence

Location and investment evaluation

  • Objective evaluation of the location and the planned and potential asset classes
  • Validated data and methods for risk assessment in the acquisition and financing process
  • Review of potential rental income and returns

Portfolio review

  • Analysis of individual properties and portfolio composition
  • Secured data and methods as an optimal basis for opportunity and risk assessment in the optimisation of the portfolio
  • Ideal composition of different asset classes

Market and location analyses

  • Clear recommendations (Stop or Go Decisions) through evaluation of location conditions and space potentials
  • Sound assessment of future market developments

Potential and risk analyses

  • Methodically validated assessment of space and return potential in risk classes
  • Analysis of status quo and future opportunities and risks
  • Quantification of potential rental income and opportunities through optimisation measures

Optimisation of ground floor areas

  • Recommendations for revitalised base zones based on market developments and proven future forecasts
  • Ideal mix of uses including residential, office, retail, services, gastronomy and additional offers
  • Optimisation proposals for floor plans, space dimensioning and tenant mix

Marketing and leasing support

  • Development of a concept with a clear unique selling proposition
  • Support in the implementation of project positioning and branding
  • Recommendations for marketing measures

Rating and benchmarking

  • Most important KPIs of real estate project analysis
  • Location and project comparisons; information on suitable comparative key figures/benchmarks

Red Flag Report

  • Development and presentation of relevant key figures
  • Future forecasts at a glance
  • Rough location assessment to identify the most important red flags

Market and target group analysis

Market analysis and location potentials

  • Calculation of catchment areas, yield and area potentials
  • Strategy for optimal and sustainable site utilisation

 Tenant and buyer behaviour and development

  • Definition and interpretation of the target group in the defined radius
  • Analysis and interpretation of tenant and buyer behaviour and development
  • Supplementary expertise in the area of special target groups, such as students, young families, senior citizens, among others, by the partner company SR Immobilien GmbH
  • Basis for successful property positioning and for the implementation of marketing measures

Analysis of the social space and the Sinus Milieus©

  • Consolidation and linking of social space information with market data
  • Recommendations based on user behaviour and development

Competitor analysis

  • Presentation of existing market and competitor offers
  • Definition of USPs and development scenarios of competitor projects

Positioning and action concepts

  • Strategic advice for project positioning
  • First recommendations for action to address the target group in the marketing process

Trends and future forecasts

Space and leasing potentials

  • Ongoing evaluation of scenarios and adjustment of leasing and space potential to current trends

Forecasts and scenario calculation

  • Leading-edge knowledge about future market developments, trends and forecasts
  • Consideration of different scenarios in the planning, use and full utilisation of the real estate project as well as development of back-up scenarios

Future use concepts of the property

  • Analysis of the future demand for various uses at the location
  • Expertise in all asset classes, including residential, commercial, retail, hotel and gastronomy
  • Extended expertise for special forms of housing, including student, young family and senior living through the partner company SR Immobilien GmbH
  • Enhanced risk assessment and safeguarding of the ability to act through future forecasts

Market reports on forecasts and trends

  • Preparation of holistic market reports on market developments and trends in the “residential” and “commercial” asset classes
  • Expanded know-how in the area of “mixed-use projects” and “service properties” through the partner company SR Immobilien GmbH

(Future) use concepts

Demand analysis and feasibility study

  • Identification of appropriate mix of uses and optimal complementary uses in various asset classes
  • Clear recommendations for appropriate and sustainable dimensioning and conceptual design with the aim of securing and strengthening the market position of the real estate project in the long term
  • Validated data and analyses as an optimal basis for the risk assessment of each possible or market-relevant type of use

Use and future use strategies

  • Determination of possible subsequent uses of the property based on forecasts and trends

Ground floor zone concepts

  • Evaluation of possible uses on the ground floor, in synergy with the real estate project
  • Clear recommendation for economically viable and long-term utilisable ground floor zone use in the course of project development

(Re)positioning and refurbishment

  • Sound foundation for further positioning strategies and internal decision-making processes (addressing target groups, optimizing tenant mix, etc.)

Tenant search and recommendation

  • Support of tenant search through careful preparation of marketing materials
  • Recommendation for specific industries and tenants with space dimensions and suitable rental approach