Uncovering Omni-Channeling: An in-depth study of the most relevant issues

Interviews with top decision makers

Rapid technological development and digitalization have fundamentally transformed the behavior of consumers leading to disruptions and structural changes in the retail industry. These changes have affected retail companies on all levels of their operations – their strategies, internal organizations and processes, how they address their customers, how they position brands, and how they sell their goods. 

Retailers must react to the requirements of modern shoppers quickly and efficiently, providing sufficient information, possibility of comparison, quick and reliable delivery, personalization, and an engaging omni-channel experience. As much as these developments provide a huge opportunity for retailers, the transformation can often be slow and costly, and conflicting with the existing structures and strategies. 

In this paper we present the results of our exploratory qualitative survey, which we undertook to learn how this transition has affected some of the large retail chains in Austria and Germany. 
We conducted a qualitative interview-based analysis of 15 retail chains in Austria and Germany mainly from the clothing, shoes, and sports retail sectors, which aimed to reveal how these retailers reacted to the present challenges and which changes their companies are going through. 

We discussed their multi-channel strategy and experience, as well as internal organizational issues, approach to consumer analyses, changes of retail formats, and their visions of the future retail industry. The aim was to analyze how these companies learn and benefit from the challenges and opportunities. 

Wishing you an interesting read, valuable insights and impulses for your strategies! 

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