New Directions for Shopping Centers

Transforming Consumers' retail behaviour - Reactions from retailers - COPoS Analysis

Retail and retail real estate are going through a period of revolution. Technological development is transforming consumers’ retail behaviour. Consumers now place new demands on retail, and in turn the retail sector is placing new requirements on shopping centers. 

In this environment, new strategies for stationary floor-space are needed. 

As a necessary foundation for our work, we examined the positioning strategies of countless European shopping centers in 2013. The resulting database and its wealth of numbers and information has opened new doors for our positioning research. 

Our search for new insights, creative European trends, and tough benchmarks was the basis for the present white paper. 

There exists no all-inclusive solution or a simple answer to all of the current changes, but with creative, well thought-out goal- and result- oriented pilot projects, it is possible to move toward good solutions. 

The present white paper outlines how this can be done in the case of shopping centers. In this way, we hope to provide you with some impulses for your strategic activities. We wish you an enjoyable read and plenty of creative ideas for your strategies! 

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