How consumers will shape the retail space design of the future

Retail takes place where the consumers are

Society is undergoing structural changes. We are not only shopping differently. We are also going on holiday differently, staying in hotels that aren't actually hotels anymore. We are spending our money differently and on different things. We want to learn differently and offer our children new educational opportunities, we are using different means of transportation and are using the world wide web to connect with people differently - with people from all over the world. We prefer different restaurants and are eating differently. And "different" can also be translated as "diverse". 

People's consumer behaviour is changing swiftly and there are some clear parallels to the shift in values in our society. Words such as "faster", "more", and "diverse" play an important role. Many technological developments allow for an ever-quicker exchange of information but also for a quicker consumption of goods and services. The pursuit of personal happiness often leads down the path of variety rather than depth. Consumers decide for themselves what they want to shop, where, how and from whom. More than ever before they are dictating the rules of the retail landscape, hence also for city centres and shopping centres. 

The aim of this publication is to highlight relevant trends in shopping behaviour in order to display the possible areas of reaction resulting from it -both for the retail business and for retail property as we understand it. We hope you enjoy reading it and we wish you many creative ideas when developing your strategy! 

Target audience: mavericks | newcomers | students | professionals 

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