Market Due Diligence

Purchasing and selling individual properties or whole portfolios always requires a structured, defined and comprehensive analysis of the transaction. Before proceeding with an extensive and often exorbitant due diligence, we advise our clients to undertake a market due diligence as part of the economic review of the property. This step assures you a safe start with clear recommendations and assessments of the market and location conditions. RegioPlan's Market Due Diligence provides a sound analysis of all opportunities and risks associated with your real estate investment.

Why Market Due Diligence by RegioPlan?

Our Market Due Diligence is tailored to our customers. The analysis collects all present and future foreseeable conditions in the spatial environment (micro and macro location) of the property and assesses their opportunities and risks. This is based on well-founded, objective methods that provide the optimal decision support for your real estate investment.

  • Exact examination of the future potential of the property based on developments in the catchment area.
  • Ratings and recommendations on all factors that enhance performance: microsite optimization, USP, industry mix, target group definition
  • Clear presentation of the market absorption by examining the competitive situation and the catchment area in the status quo

Our main goal is to advise our clients so that they can invest their money sustainably.

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  • Hedged data and analysis as the optimal basis for the risk assessment in the purchase and financing process
  • Individually tailored and in phases conceptualized consultation
  • Clear recommendations by assessing site conditions
  • Factual and data based results and recommendations
  • Stop or Go Decisions and Recommendations
  • For: Retail Real Estate, Leisure Real Estate, Office Real Estate, Mixed Use Real Estate

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