RegioPlan Consulting

We are an objective and independent consulting company. Our work is based on 30 years of methodical and practical analysis of stationary retail and retail real estate and is based on sound data and methods.

Our pan-European analyses of consumer behaviour, retail and retail real estate as well as the daily work with the leading retailers, restaurateurs, developers and investors contribute to the continuous development of our consulting services.

The requirements of the clients to our team and our work require an individual, trustworthy, flexible and secure consulting approach.

The optimally tailored and above all personal support is very important to us.

High methodical competence due to intensive, long-standing, international experience of the team
International network with developers, retailers and financiers, as well as short, direct and personal communication paths with clients.
Highly qualified, international team with a diverse backgeound in business, spatial planning, architecture, marketing and advertising.
In-House data for all of Europe. The owner of the company is a court-certified expert for loaction related issues in Austria.
Our consultants are university lectures as well as internationally active speakers at various symposiums.

RegioPlan Consulting – Developing Sustainable Success

Für weitere Informationen steht Ihnen unsere Head of Account Management gerne zur Verfügung.


i delic

DI Ines Delic
+43 1 586 04 53 - 32
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